Senators News: November 29th

Chris Wideman has been re-assigned to Elmira while Dustin Gazley has been recalled to Binghamton.  I expected the Wideman move with Gryba‘s return to the lineup.  In six games with Binghamton Wideman had no points and was -5.  Gazley currently leads the Jackals in scoring with 19 points.

-Here are highlights for Binghamton’s win over Bridgeport as well as their win over Syracuse.

Jared Cowen had a lot to say about his injury, as well as confirming that Wacey Hamilton (who he’s sharing a house with in Kanata) has been out all season with a concussion:

It was only six months (as the projected recovery time) with my knee, but more like a year and a half until I felt normal again. I know what it’s really like. Six months until I can play, a year until it feels close to normal. I know the reality. It doesn’t even hurt. I wish there was a little bit of pain, to keep me from doing stuff. I can walk, but I’m supposed to keep right off of it, so (the stitches) stay tight. It’s way better than when I did my knee, though. It’s totally different. My knee was swollen. I had it in a straight brace for awhile. Now, it’s not even been two weeks and I can ride the bike and everything. (In) the consultation, (the surgeon) said it’s important to not do too much now. You’ll feel like you’re doing well now, progressing, but when you go to do more, in terms of running, or walking … doing too much now would be inhibiting later. It’s kind of hard to pull back on the reins and take it easy, but he said later ‘you should be fine.’ The first time I hurt it [the hip], it wasn’t that bad. I was coming back … I skated twice or three times, and it felt like I was progressing. I kind of hurt it a second time … which actually tore it, they told me. That time I kind of figured there was something wrong, because my leg went numb a little bit, and it wasn’t getting better, like before. I didn’t know how bad it was until they told me I was getting an MRI. Then I was like, it’s bad. I only got to play three games (for the B-Sens), which was brutal. If there’s a time to do it, I guess it’s now, if the (NHL) season doesn’t go on. But there’s no good time at all, really. It’s already my second injury like this, so it kind of sucks. It’s nice to have someone around [Wacey Hamilton], or I’d be going crazy. We don’t do much, because he has a concussion and can’t do a lot, and I’m not supposed to do a lot anyway. We’re couch potatoes. I’m not sure what kind of issues I’d have with the hip. With my knee, I had tendinitis in the front, which is normal, but I’m not really familiar with the hip. It’s kind of hard to imagine how it would feel bad, since it feels pretty good right now. (But) it’s hard to say where I’ll be six months from now. It’s a long ways away, so I’ve got time on my side. That’s the one good thing about it. And I have all summer. Lots of time to skate and feel good about it.

Varada looks at the Forbes estimates for the worth of NHL franchises to point out that ownership whinging over financial struggles is just that–hot air.

-For those who didn’t hear, former B-Sen Barry Brust broke the AHL consecutive shutout record playing for Abbotsford.

Stu Hackel writes about fan efforts to punish the league and the players for the lockout, but all I took away from it was how futile it is–hockey fans have nowhere else to go, so the impact is only on marginal fans who can easily be persuaded back by a good product.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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