Senators News: January 26th; Binghamton 1, Syracuse 0 (SO)

-Here are my thoughts on last night’s loss.  Here are Scott’s scoring chances (19-17 for Ottawa; I had them 22-13).  Mark Parisi doesn’t want to blame Bishop, he wants to blame the Sens for taken so many penalties, but given that the latter is a constant for the team it’s not really an argument against Bishop struggling.  I don’t think anyone believes Bishop lost the game on his own, but rather a poor performance by the Sens could have earned a point (or a win) if he’d played at his usual level.

Patrick Hoffman doesn’t think Craig Anderson has ever got the credit he was due (I’m assuming Hoffman didn’t watch the 09-10 NHL season where Anderson was credited with the Avalanche’s great year).

-Binghamton defeated Syracuse 1-0 in a shootout last night with Robin Lehner making 40-saves for the shutout and Stephane Da Costa scoring the winner.

-Binghamton plays Hershey (20-19-3) tonight; the Bears are lead by Jeff Taffe (38 points) and backstopped by ECHL All-Star Philipp Grubauer (2-3-0 2.04 .926).

-As I speculated some time ago it appears as though Brad Peltz did get hurt fighting Tyler Randell as Trenton has finally placed him on their injury reserve (he hasn’t played since January 11th).

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. Most people shrugged off that great Avs season and playoff as a fluke after he struggled the following year. I agree with Hoffman in the sense that his body of work with the Sens has been underrated, but that’s par for the course with players from a small market team like Ottawa.

    • They shrugged if off after he struggled–that’s not an unreasonable thing to do. I think from the perspective of fans who have watched him over the last four of five seasons it’s established that he’s a good (not great) goaltender. It’s not that I think it’s bad that Hoffman is given Anderson credit, I’m just not sure he’s as under appreciated as he suggests.

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