Binghamton at the Sixty Game Mark

The Binghamton Senators have reached the 60-game mark so it’s time to take stock and see how the team and the players are doing (for the previous ten games go here).  Binghamton went 6-3-1, dropping to 4th in their conference 2nd in their division.  Their 179 goals-for are tied for 3rd in their conference, while their 150 goals allowed drops also puts them in 3rd.

Player’s stats (INJ=games missed due to injury, SCR= scratched, SUS=suspended, NHL=games in the NHL, ECHL=games in the ECHL):

Shane Prince 10-5-3-8 +3
Jean-Gabriel Pageau
 10-3-5-8 +7
Corey Cowick 7-3-4-7 +5 INJ 3
Brett Lebda
10-0-7-7 +1
Stephane Da Costa
 10-1-5-6 +2
Chris Wideman 10-1-5-6 Even
Dustin Gazley 10-3-2-5 +5
Wacey Hamilton 10-2-2-4 -3
Mark Stone 5-1-2-3 +2 INJ 1 [NHL 4-0-0-0]
Mark Borowieck 8-1-2-3 +5 INJ 2
Derek Grant 4-2-0-2 +2 [NHL 1-0-0-0]
Cole Schneider 7-2-0-2 -3 INJ 3
Fredrik Claesson 10-2-0-2 -1
Pat Cannone 10-1-1-2 +1
Darren Kramer 6-1-0-1 -2 SCR 4
Hugh Jessiman 6-0-1-1 +1 INJ 4
Louie Caporusso 10-0-1-1 -5
Tyler Eckford 6-0-0-0 +1 INJ 4
David Marshall 3-0-0-0 -3 [AHL 4-1-1-2, ECHL 3-1-2-3]
Mika Zibanejad 2-0-0-0 +1 [NHL 9-4-1-5]
Kyle Bushee 2-0-0-0 Even [ECHL 9-2-5-7]
Stephen Schultz 3-0-0-0 +2 [ECHL 8-10-4-14]
Nick Craven 4-0-0-0 Even [NCAA 25-16-17-33]
Daniel New 6-0-0-0 Even
Jean Bourbeau 6-0-0-0 -3 [ECHL 4-1-0-1]
Ben Blood 8-0-0-0 Even SCR 2
Andre Petersson injured
Mike Hoffman injured
Jack Downing injured

Nathan Lawson 3-1-1 2.30 .937 INJ 2
Marc Cheverie
 3-2-0 3.10 .900

The Binghamton lineup continued to be devastated both by call-ups and injuries, but played very well despite that.  Players like Prince, Pageau, and Cowick took their games to another level to fill-in for the scorers missing in the lineup.  The blueline remained patchwork, but Wideman showed the first signs of serious development as he contributed offensively on a consistent basis.  Lawson has returned to form and Cheverie has been solid backing him up.  Cannone‘s miserable season continues, while Blood hasn’t been good enough to be regular even with the depleted blueline.  Craven hasn’t made an impact yet, while Caporusso‘s brief offensive burst (beginning at the end of the last 10-game segment) quickly fizzled.  The only ECHL call-up who has truly delivered is Gazley.  Blueline reinforcements are on the way in the form of NCAA grad Michael Sdao, but free agent signee Troy Rutkowski likely won’t arrive any time soon as the Portland Winterhawks look bound for a long playoff run.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



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