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It’s always gratifying to get RT’d by someone you recognise in the hockey world, so thanks to Aaron Vickers who picked my unhashtaged Tweet out of the ether assessing NHL Draft Guides; Andy Levangie (who scouts for HP) also somehow found it; while Craig Smith (who scouts for McKeens) chimed in yet again.

Speaking of scouting, Lowe Tide put out something similar to my big draft list, but he cut his listing to just 150 players and seems focused on doing talent assessment via a conversation calculator (ie, translating points from various leagues), something whose value I’m not sold on (as I’ve explored previously).  I still think it’s worth checking out and recommend doing so.

Also on the scouting front, someone Nichols is a big fan of (Grant McCagg) looks at what the Sens need at the draft, but I think he missed an opportunity to reflect on what they might actually do (he makes no attempt to do so).


It’s a funny thing that the Expansion Draft was set-up to permit Vegas to have a decent NHL roster to start, but the team chose to have an expansion roster instead.

Speaking of that draft, I didn’t think there would be anything interesting about Ottawa’s protected list, but a few things did stand out:
1. Ottawa still has Stephan Da Costa‘s NHL rights
Admittedly only until July 1st, but in typical Ottawa fashion they’ve done nothing useful with them and he’ll be able to sign where he wants when that time is up
2. Ottawa exposed Mikael Wikstrand
You’d hardly expect them to protect him, but why retain his rights at all?
3. Ottawa has lost the rights to Geoff Kinrade and Roman Wick
Both were members of the 2011 Calder Cup team who left (or in Roman’s case, returned) for Europe afterwards; I must have missed a clock being added to such players in the CBA, because in days of yore you could maintain such rights forever


Sens prospect Filip Ahl is headed back to Europe, spendin the upcoming season in the SHL playing for Orebro.  He had a decent but unremarkable season in the WHL and will likely have to show more to earn an ELC.


In a sign of changing times digital ad revenue has passed TV revenue for the first time. Given how dependent sports are on the latter it will be interesting to see how the leagues adjust. What the NHL will do, given that as a business it doesn’t really innovate, will be interesting to follow.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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