Belleville 4, Rochester 6; Belleville 3, Utica 1; Belleville 3, Toronto 4

power outage

My post on the final games was delayed by the power outage in Ottawa (a suitable metaphor for the season, as it happens). The BSens wrapped up their season with a 1-2-0 triple set of games, blowing a lead against Rochester and losing, putting in a strong effort against Utica, and bowing out to a stronger team in Toronto. Kleinendorst ended the season with a heavy dose of his favourites–Mike Blunden back from injury and Eric Selleck because…I have no idea–he’s a big Tom Selleck fan? My look at the entire season is forthcoming, but let’s go through the games first.

Belleville 4, Rochester 6
Shots: 30-38
PP: 0-4
PK: 2-2
Scoring chances: 12
Key saves: 6
The Goals
1. Scarfo bangs in Werek’s rebound
2. Moutrey keeps on a 3-on-1 and scores low far side
3. Chlapik scores five-hole from the slot
4. Rochester – shot through a crowd (think it went off Dizzy’s stick)
5. Rochester – Burgdoerfer passes to the wrong team and Amerks score shelf from the slot
6. Gagne roofs it from the slot
7. Rochester – Amerk allowed to walk out from the corner and scores between the pad and glove
8. Rochester – breakaway goal
9. Rochester – score on a 3-on-2
10. Rochester – empty net

Notable plays: Selleck can’t complete a pass on a 2-on-1 (first); Kelly keeps on a 2-on-1 and misses high (first).

Belleville 3, Utica 1
Shots: 27-38
PP: 0-3
PK: 2-2
Scoring chances:
Key saves: 11
The Goals
1. Pokka gives Blunden a gimme by drawing out the goaltender so that he has an empty net
2. Utica – D-man walks through the team and scores high backhand glove-side
3. Scarfo bangs in a rebound
4. Rodewald with a wrister from the top of the circle off a clean faceoff win

Notable plays: Chlapik falls awkwardly into the boards on his first shift and doesn’t return until the final minute of the period (first); Lajoie hits Gagne with a shot (first; he was okay); Selleck can’t make a play on a 2-on-1 (first).

Belleville 3, Toronto 4
Shots: 33-29
PP: 0-2
PK: 7-9
Scoring chances: 8
Key saves: 3
The Goals
1. Ciampini scores on a deke on a turnover
2. Toronto – wrister through a crowd
3. Toronto PP – Gustavsson beat clean high
4. Sturtz scores on a wrap-around (required review)
5. Toronto PP – Englund can’t block a pass, the shot, or lift the stick as the Marlies bang in a quick pass from behind the net
6. Paul with a wrister on a turnover
7. Toronto – bank it in off Gustavsson from behind the net

Notable plays: Selleck gets run over, which leads to a powerplay against (first)–he seeks revenge later that period leading to another powerplay against the results in a goal against; Toronto hits the crossbar (first); Pokka hits the post (second).

All three games were pretty entertaining to watch. Things of note:
-The luster on Filip Gustavsson dulled a bit in his final two games (his save percentage was .863)
-On the flip side Marcus Hogberg’s final two starts were more like what was expected of him (.971); the question is, given how arbitrary the org is, what will they do with him? Have they soured on him already?
-Mike Blunden scored his first goal since January 19th (having gone 21-games without a goal); he also wrapped up the latter part of his season 11-1-1-2
-Daniel Ciampini broke a 10-game pointless streak with a pair of points in the final game
-Nick Moutrey, who was unimpressive since being acquired, finally put up some points after being shoved down the throat of the lineup (four points in his last five)–the production should not convince the org to re-sign him
-I was surprised the org wanted to see Macoy Erkamps play, as he appeared in three of the last four games after being scratched for nine in a row–nothing about his performance was different

I have a couple of articles in the work–the first will probably be the season review–lot’s to explore!

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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