Senators News: November 10th

The Ottawa Sun‘s Aedan Helmer writes about last night’s game (link) including the following from Paul MacLean, “I thought we played real well. I thought we were in control of the game for the most part. But again, the lack of efficiency and execution in our own zone led to great opportunities for them. We turned the puck over (numerous) times and those are things that are going to come back to haunt you.”

The Ottawa Sun‘s Don Brennan (link) actually hit the nail on the head when he writes, “It was obvious that David Rundblad was trying to do too much in his first game back after two in the pressbox.”  Brennan also includes this from Paul MacLean, “I thought Brian [Lee] played fine for us in the two (weekend) games. But at this point in time, David Rundblad is a better player.”

The Ottawa Citizen‘s Wayne Scalan looks at Jason Spezza‘s faceoff prowess (link), with Spezzasaying, “Everybody that’s good cheats. Look at the top of the  (faceoff) list, those are the 10 best cheaters in the league. It’s changed a little bit from when I first came in. Some of  those old linesmen, they didn’t give you much of a chance. With a lot of the younger linesmen coming in, it’s a little more of a fair fight.  A lot of it is a respect thing. You have to respect the linesman, recognize that occasionally he’s going to drop the puck wrong, and maybe the  guy’s going to get away with cheating — but if you snap on the guy right away, after a guy cheats on you once, you’re not going to get much respect from the linesman.  A lot of times you tie up and it’s the winger who wins the faceoff. Both my  guys are real good.”

Sportsnet‘s Ian Mendes speculates on Twitter that Alfredsson will be in the lineup next game (link)

-Joy Lindsay’s has post-game comments from Kurt Kleinendorst up (link), where the affable coach sounds frustrated: “We weren’t very good. We get outshot every night, so it’s not just … it’s frustrating, for sure, but I don’t know if I would call it alarming. It’s certainly a trend. We’re 14 games in now, and generally speaking, that’s the way the shot clock looks at the end of the night. They’re a good team, and this is a tough building to play in. For whatever reason, we walk in here, and we don’t play our best hockey in here. We never have. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know why it is. But it is what it is. We just seem to come in here, and we just underperform.”

-Joy also reports that Bobby Raymond has been recalled (link)

-Rob Brodie, writing for the Sens website, has a profile of Mark Borowiecki posted (link).  Kurt Kleinendorst said, “(Borowiecki) and Conboy have been our two steadiest defencemen, without a doubt. And so with that, we match him up against the other team’s top lines … I never thought we were going to have to use him that way but you know what, it’s been a blessing for him. More than likely, if we weren’t made up the way were made up, I probably wouldn’t have put him in that position. But we didn’t have that choice and I’ll tell you, I have to give him a lot of credit. He’s stepped right up and he’s been really good.”


Ottawa 2, Rangers 3; Binghamton 0, Hershey 3

I was at last night’s 3-2 loss to the Rangers, a game Ottawa largely dominated.  Once again, turnovers were the team’s achilles heel (Paul Maclean said the team had 23 in the post-game), although it’s too their credit that they could have won the game regardless.  For the box score go here link.  A look at the goals:
1. Michalek (Spezza, Karlsson)
A great pass to Michalek who scored from the slot
2. Rangers, Gaborik
Gonchar tries to backhand the puck up the boards and gives it away leading to an easy goal for Gaborik
3. Rangers, Stepan
Rundblad couldn’t make up his mind behind the net and then shanked a backhand pass to Phillips that was intercepted and resulted in an easy goal
4. Rangers, Gaborik
Greening, who was covering the point for Cowen, makes an ill-advised pinch which leads to a 2-on-1.  Rundblad gives Anderson the shooter, but for some reason Anderson makes himself right into his net giving Gaborik a ton of room on the short side
5. Foligno (Da Costa, Butler)
Da Costa makes a great pass leaving Foligno all alone in front and he makes no mistake

Top performers:
Milan Michalek – he scored, lead the team in scoring chances, and was a dominant player
Filip Kuba – he wasn’t flashy, but did his job defensively

Players who struggled:
David Rundblad – hadn’t played in more than a week and it showed; he was tentative with the puck (something Paul MacLean mentioned) and I think it’s a reflection of his time away from the rink
Chris Phillips – wound up tied with Rundblad in the turnover department and a veteran like him just can’t do that

Other comments: Craig Anderson played well, but let in a soft goal and with this team he just can’t do that.

The Binghamton Senators lost their fifth game in a row 3-0 to the mighty Hershey Bears.  I did not see the game so I’m reliant on reports about it.  For the box score go here link and Joy Lindsay’s game summary go here link.  Binghamton was outshot 35-15 and from all reports did not play very well.

The Elmira Jackals won 3-2, with Gratchev getting an assist and Stewart earning the win.  Bobby Raymond‘s Everblades also won, with the blueliner earning two assists.