Senators News: November 16th

The Ottawa Sun‘s Bruce Garrioch writes about yesterday’s win (link), Paul MacLean talking about Bobby Butler, “I’m really happy for him. Bobby has been working really hard since training camp, skating hard and diligent without the puck. It was really good to see for him.”

-Garrioch, who should know better, puts stock in a Russian newspaper report suggesting Nikita Filatov will return to Russia (link)–Filatov is at practice in Binghamton today.  He also speculates that David Rundblad will be sent to Binghamton when Matt Carkner is healthy, which I doubt.

The Ottawa Sun‘s Lance Hornby writes about NHL GM’s reading the riot act to Brendan Shanahan over his non-suspension of Milan Lucic (link).  Hornby doesn’t describe it in the vivid terms I’m using, but there’s no other way to view Shanahan’s blase reaction to Lucic and his statements following the meeting, “There is certainly a heightened sensitivity to the well-being of all the goalies in this league and the extreme importance of a goaltender in that position. Certainly they’re not fair game and players have to understand that. If anyone thinks it’s a tactic and a smart gamble on their part, it won’t be.”

-Joy Lindsay’s post-game quotes from Kurt Kleinendorst after Binghamton’s loss last night reveal a level of frustration I haven’t seen before (link), “You know what, we try to get them to shoot the puck. Patty Wiercioch just won’t shoot the puck. I mean, it’s to the point where we probably can’t even use him because he won’t shoot the puck, and we need to shoot the puck. We just don’t shoot the puck. We had 25 shots … but with seven power plays? That’s not enough. Honestly, it might just be to the point where we have to put guys out there who are willing to shoot the puck because what we’ve got is cute. And, if you really look at our lineup, we aren’t cute. We can’t be cute. Cute won’t work for this group.” And “You know what, it’s that time. If we’ve got to be the ones to do the digging [for depth players], I don’t mind. Between Stirls (assistant coach Steve Stirling) and I, we know quite a few people, and I was just making some calls and came across Mike. And I’m just telling you, I think he’s a good fit for us, without a doubt. I wouldn’t think that would be the last one, honestly. We’re not anywhere close to where we need to be. As far as development goes, guys playing on the third or fourth line here would develop just as well in Elmira, to be quite honest with you. They would play more minutes, they would play power play, they would kill penalties, they would play five-on-five. This is not a good environment for any young kid. So for me, if we can find other players, if we can bring other players in that have some American League experience, I think it makes us a better hockey club, but I think it works better for the younger players as well because this is really an environment that you don’t want your young kids in. It’s not healthy. So that’s where I’m coming from. How far Ottawa will let me take it, we’ll find out. But that’s my take on it, and we’ll just keep looking. We’ll keep digging.” And “You know what, again, I’m a big fan of Robin‘s, but I don’t think Robin‘s been anything special lately. And I’m telling you right now, we need a goalie to steal us a game right now. That’s what we need. Mike didn’t steal us a game tonight, there’s no way. We need a goalie … We’re a group, for sure, but we are in such a rut right now that we need a goalie to step up and win us a game. And I think it was just, I don’t know if it was complacency on Robin‘s part … I don’t know. Maybe I was playing him too much. Maybe he was tired. But he wasn’t sharp. And so, right now, I’m going to go every other until somebody wins us a game, and then I’m going to ride that guy until he loses. And that’s just, for me, the only way it can be right now. Somebody’s got to step up and win us a game. If they do, I’ll reward them with another one.”

-Joy Lindsay Tweets that Andre Petersson is skating at practice today (link)


Ottawa 3, Calgary 1; Binghamton 0, Wilkes-Barre 3

Ottawa won its second straight game on the strength of a great game from Craig Anderson.  The team had as many holes defensively as it has all year, but last night those mistakes were covered up.  For the box score go here link.  A look at the goals:
1. Alfredsson (Foligno)
Alfredsson creates the turnover and cashes in Foligno‘s pass in the slot
2. Calgary, Kostopoulos
Anderson turned the puck over and couldn’t recover
3. Butler (Gonchar, Phillips)
A great individual effort from Butler
4. Butler (Winchester, Karlsson)
A shot Kiprusoff probably should have stopped

Craig Anderson – was fantastic, particularly in the first period
Bobby Butler – finally broke out and scored (with only 8:19 TOI)
Filip Kuba – lead the blueline in ice time and finished +2

There was no one who stood out because of their poor play.  It’s worth noting that Kaspars Daugavins has reached the 10 NHL games required by his contract to prevent him from going to the KHL and Dinamo Riga.

The Binghamton Senators lost their eighth game in a row and desperation has set in.  They were shutout 3-0 and with injuries piling up I have to wonder if the organisation will look to make a move to shake things up.  For the box score go here link, for Joy Lindsay’s game summary go here link.