Senators News: November 26th

The Ottawa Sun‘s Bruce Garrioch looks at last night’s game (link), with Paul MacLean saying “Against any team, you have to be ready at the start of the game and by the first timeout it was 4-1. The game was lost in the first five minutes, by not being prepared to play. We didn’t show up tonight. No excuse.”  I also learned from the article that I apparently missed a second goal that bounced in off Chris Phillips.

-Garrioch above and Postmedia News (picked up by The Ottawa Citizen, link) quote Nick Foligno calling Sidney Crosby a hypocrite for his blatant elbow to the head last night, Foligno saying “I look up and see it’s him [Crosby], so you’re not going to do anything, then he elbows me in the head. I got a little frustrated he would do something like that. I told him, it is something he preached all summer, that we should limit that, and then he goes and does it. I was a little disappointed.”  This behaviour from Crosby is nothing new for anyone who has watched him over his career.  He yaps, he runs guys, he’s a dirty player and I don’t think the concussion has changed his style of play.

The Toronto Sun‘s Mike Zeisberger gives his NHL power rankings (link), placing Ottawa 22nd.

-Joy Lindsay’s post-game article is here link, where among other things she reports “Captain Mark Parrish tweaked his groin during Friday’s loss, and is unlikely to play Saturday. Alternate captains Tim Conboy (knee) and Jim O’Brien (foot) suffered injuries Thursday and are likely to miss the next few weeks. The B-Sens are now without defensemen Conboy, Josh Godfrey (groin) and forwards Parrish, O’Brien, Corey Locke (hand), Riley Armstrong (back) and Francis Lessard (undisclosed) due to injury. That leaves them without a single veteran in their lineup.”

-Joy also reports that Louie Caporusso and Jack Downing have been recalled


Binghamton at the Twenty Game Mark

Binghamton has now played 20 games and it’s time to take a look at how they’ve done over the last 10 (for the previous review go here link).  The B-Sens are 2-8-0, well below their previous pace as the team has suffered greatly from the absence of veterans (Locke, Daugavins, etc).  Their record places them 5th in the division (down from 4th), 15th in the conference (down from 8th), and 28th in the overall standings (down from 13th).  They are tied for 23rd in goals for (down from 14th) and tied for 24th in goals against (down from 20th).  Player’s stats (INJ=games missed due to injury, SCR= scratched, SUS=suspended, NHL=games in the NHL, ECHL=games in the ECHL):
Nikita Filatov 7-3-4-7 Even NHL (4-0-0-0 Even)  
Mark Parrish
9-3-4-7 -2 1 INJ
Andre Petersson 9-2-4-6 -2 1 INJ
Mike Hoffman 10-1-4-5 -3
Patrick Wiercioch 10-1-4-5 -6
Derek Grant 5-1-3-4 -1 5 INJ
Pat Cannone
10-2-2-4 -2
Jim O’Brien 9-1-1-2 -4 1 INJ
Riley Armstrong 1-1-1-2 +2 2 INJ ECHL (7-2-4-6)
Mark Borowiecki 10-1-1-2 Even
Corey Cowick 10-0-2-2 -7
Francis Lessard 6-1-0-1 +1 4 INJ
Bobby Raymond 5-0-1-1 Even 1 SCR ECHL (5-0-2-2)
Craig Schira 10-1-0-1 -2
David Dziurzynski 10-0-0-0 -2
Eric Gryba 10-0-0-0 -4
Wacey Hamilton 10-0-0-0 -5
Jack Downing 7-0-0-0 -2 2 ECHL (3-2-0-2)
Shaun Heshka 6-0-0-0 -6 1 SCR (traded)
Louie Caporusso 6-0-0-0 -2 ECHL (3-0-3-3)
Tim Conboy 5-0-0-0 +1 3 INJ 2 SUS
Josh Godfrey 5-0-0-0 -1 3 SCR 2 INJ
Mike Bartlett 4-0-0-0 -2 ECHL 6-2-4-6
Maxime Gratchev 3-0-0-0 -1 ECHL (8-3-4-7)
Mike Radja 1-0-0-0 Even
Corey Locke Injured
Kaspars Daugavins NHL
Robin Lehner 0-6-0 3.05 .915 (pulled once) 1 INJ GAA and SV declined
Mike McKenna 2-2-0 3.01 .912 GAA and SV improved
Brian Stewart 0-0-0 ECHL (3-3-0 3.09 .912, GAA and SV declined)

A few thoughts: the team struggles to score due to injuries to key players, with only Mark Parrish, Nikita Filatov and Andre Petersson producing with any regularity.  Secondary scoring has dried up and the team either needs some internal growth or additions up front and on the blueline (the former may simply be the return of Corey Locke).  Corey Cowick has the worst plus/minus on the team through the last ten games, while (among players who’ve played the bulk of the games) Mark Borowiecki and Nikita Filatov are tops with an even rating.  Robin Lehner hasn’t won a game in November.  Kurt Kleinendorst is looking for the right player injection from the ECHL, preferring Louie Caporusso and Jack Downing develop in Elmira (while jettisoning disappointing veteran Shaun Heshka).

With all the injuries Binghamton has suffered I don’t think we have the complete picture of where the team is at yet, but if they can’t get on a hot streak soon they’ll be too far down in the standings to look competitive.