Ottawa 0, Winnipeg 2

Tonight’s coma-inducing game was one of Ottawa’s worst (the only excitement was the retribution Chris Neil got against Evander Kane after a questionable hit on Erik Karlsson).  In fairness, the Sens poor play over the last few games simply caught up to them.  Other than a brief flurry at the end they were unable to generate any offense.  Oddly enough, if Craig Anderson hadn’t let in two soft goals they might have stolen a point.  Click here for the box score.  A look at the goals:
1. Winnipeg, Slater
Spezza turns it over and Anderson lets a soft tip from Slater go between the wickets
2. Winnipeg, Enstrom
Spezza gets confused in coverage leaving Enstrom wide open; he fires a shot that somehow goes through Anderson

Top-performers: None.  No one excelled tonight.

Players Who Struggled:
Craig Anderson – he was great after it was 2-0, but two soft goals is too many
Jason Spezza – the goat on both goals
Chris Phillips – too many mental errors leading to turnovers (he was tied with the team lead)

The entire team was bad–unable to generate any offence until the final minutes and sloppy in their own zone.  It will be interesting to see who sits for Andre Petersson (who was just called up from Binghamton).

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