Senators News: February 15th

Jason Spezza talked about the win last night, “I think it’s the challenge of playing (Steve) Stamkos, (Vincent) Lecavalier and (Martin) St. Louis. You have to be on your game when playing against those guys. Some rinks you have a pretty good feel in and I’ve had decent success in this rink in the playoffs and regular season and there’s no other way to explain it, I guess.

Nick Foligno talked about his 15-game goal-scoring drought, “Maybe I just (need to) take that quick shot. Sometimes I get a pass and you’re looking for that extra step around a guy, instead of trying to shoot it maybe through the defenceman and catch the goalie by surprise. Those are little things you don’t really pick up on when you’re struggling and trying to find that open lane to shoot it. Those are the ones that usually go in.”

Don Brennan shares my puzzlement over Paul MacLean using Chris Phillips on the powerplay, although I’d guess it’s both a reward and to have someone defensively reliable on the blueline.

Sports Illustrated ran another player poll on the league’s most easily intimidated player in the NHL, with Phil Kessel “winning”, followed by the Sedin twins and Alexander Semin.

Sports Illustrated‘s power rankings are out with Ottawa 17th

Andre Petersson talked about his North American experience (as translated by Google), “Had I not had another Swedish player here, I would have moved home three months ago.”  He says the Binghamton arena is the worst in the AHL.  “They said it [the call-up] was a reward because I was playing great down here. The coach told me to play easily [simply]. I’m in the fourth line and only played five or six minutes. Then it is not so easy to go in and dominate right away.”  And, “Yes, we were doing and talking about returning to HV71 until the transfer window closed on 31 January. But in the end I felt it was foolish to give up, when I it is so close. In addition, I play a lot in Binghamton.  Lot’s on the power play and even the penalty kill, which I barely played in my life before. Some games I’ve had 30 minutes of ice time and have almost got to say to the coach to calm down.”

The Silver Seven‘s Adnan wonders if Ottawa should move its AHL affiliate, which is an interesting question but he proposes four locations without an AHL team (Ottawa, Gatineau, Kingston, and Kitchener-Waterloo).  I think the sentiment is correct, given how every European prospect who comes through Ottawa hates Binghamton, but I’m not sure if the Sens want to invest in an entirely new location.

Josh Godfrey and Wacey Hamilton were sent down to Elmira (link).  It was Hamilton‘s first assignment and the first for Godfrey since October.   Elmira won their game last night, with Godfrey scoring and Hamilton picking up an assist (Corey Cowick was held off the scoresheet and neither Brian Stewart nor Louie Caporusso played).  The pair were recalled today.

Joy Lindsay Tweets that David Dziurzynski was forced to leave practice with an apparent leg injury.



  1. We don’t want the prospect to love the AHL location, otherwise they won’t be motivated to keep trying!

    • I know what you mean, but if the location is making it hard to sign or keep prospects in the organisation than you have to think about a change.

  2. […] it has been tough.”  He talked about Andre Petersson‘s controversial interview (link and link), “They took only the negative stuff about the city and wrote nothing about the […]

  3. […] competition for minutes.  I think the first is too speculative; we know from Petersson‘s own comments last year that he was being played in all situations.  The second thought may have some validity, […]

  4. […] understood the inability of some players to keep their mouths shut.  We all remember the storm Andre Petersson created last year in talking about life in Binghamton, but that was the error of a 20-year old new […]

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