Senators News: December 14th

-Binghamton plays Wilkes-Barre (13-8-2) tonight; the Penguins are lead by Beau Bennett (21 points) and backstopped by Jeff Zatkoff (10-6-0 2.00 .922).  Wilkes-Barre won the last game against Binghamton (1-0 in a shootout) over a month ago.

Bobbykelly wonders about Andre Petersson‘s slow start in Binghamton and offers two related theories: 1) perhaps his numbers in his rookie season were a reflection of protected minutes along with being on a bad team, 2) there’s more competition for minutes.  I think the first is too speculative; we know from Petersson‘s own comments last year that he was being played in all situations.  The second thought may have some validity, although I suspect health is also an issue.  All in all its speculation until Luke Richardson says something about him.

-Elmira faces Orlando (10-11-4) tonight; the Solar Bears are lead by Nick Petersen (24 points) and backstopped by John Curry (9-5-2 2.64 .911).

Pierre Dorion talked about Mikael Wikstrand:

Ya, he’s having a great year so far. Putting up numbers as a puck-moving offensive defenseman not in the top league in Sweden, but in the second league in Sweden. Their previous tournament in November he was the number one defenseman for Team Sweden, played power-play, penalty kill and regular shifts. I’d be very surprising if he didnt’ make that (WJC) team, he’s been invited to be on the team. He’s a seventh-round pick…so expectations aren’t set as high for him, but we still feel we have a pretty good prospect there. I think a lot of credit [in picking him] goes to our two European scouts, Vaclav Burda and Mikko Ruutu. Both those guys really liked Wikstrand last year, and obviosuly myself and Greg Royce had a chance to see him. But he just looked like a really smart defenseman, that made every pass on the tape, and he wasn’t flashy. It was just something that we felt was a good late gamble, and maybe we should of taken him earlier, but you know sometimes things fall into place for the right reason.

-And about Chris Driedger and Francois Brassard:

Chris was splitting time last year and he became the number one goalie on his team. He’s a big goalie who blocks pucks, a lot of pucks hit him, he makes good reads. This year he’s really been a key component, if I’m not mistaken Calgary and Edmonton are one and two in their division, and they’re two of the better teams – and Chris is a big part of that you know as an 18-year-old goalie showing that he can really carry the load, and really carry his team to being the top team in the conference, I think that says a lot about him.

I think with Francois Brassard, another situation where he was the backup last year. Now Quebec’s a really good team, and having our people talk to Patrick Roy, they’ve indictated that Patrick seems to think he’s one of the better goalies in the league if not the best goalie in the league. He’s really risen his game, and he’s still gotta get stronger, but he really competes hard, he’s a very intelligent goalie as far as being able to read the play, and getting in position, he’s gotten stronger he’s gotten quicker. He’s a quiet competitor, and probably as far as mental toughness one of the best guys I’ve seen in my scouting career how he can forget a bad goal and you know just move on from there. So, these are two guys that unfortunately we were hoping either one might get invited to the Canadian junior camp this year. But I think they are two guys who will challenge for next year’s world junior camp.

-And about the 2013 draft:

Obviously last year’s draft…we can say was an average draft as far as depth of talent. While this year’s seems to be a very good draft. I think there’s high end prospects at the top part of the draft, but I think going through the first, second and third rounds I think teams are going to see good players being taken. Guys that will be good regular NHL players as we move forward four, five years down the road. It really looks like a very good draft, the only thing this year it seems to be a bit more spread out than in other years…I’m at a game here today at a high school, you’re all over the place as compared to other years.

Stefan Noesen has been suspended for ten games after leaving his feet to hit Tyler Hore.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. Does the Noesen suspension going on if he goes to the Juniors? If so, he probably won’t miss too many games.

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