Senators News: October 12th

-The lack of meaningful hockey news prior to the start of Binghamton’s season tomorrow created a flood of Ben Bishop-to-Binghamton articles.  This possibility has been up in the air for weeks, but given the difficulty goaltenders have found in finding jobs in Europe it’s no surprise this was the route Bishop had to take.  The only real impact of the signing is on Nathan Lawson, whom Andy Strickland reports has refused assignment to Elmira.  I’m not sure how that will be handled, although it’s Lawson‘s prerogative to refuse.

Mika Zibanejad and Matt Puempel were both interviewed on The Team 1200 recently.  No earth-shattering comments from either, as you’d expect.

-Elmira has announced their opening night roster (they play Reading tonight; Sens prospects in green): Forwards: Brad Peltz (NCAA 9-1), Dustin Gazley (ECHL 72-85), Jordan Pietrus (ECHL 65-40), Brandan Blandina (NCAA 39-9), Corey Bellamy (FHL 32-14), Jean Bourbeau (ECHL 49-26), Andrew Rowe (AHL 34-11), Alec Kirschner (ECHL 30-2), Rob Bellamy (ECHL 63-24), Artem Demkov (ECHL 67-57), Kevin McCarey (NCAA 37-12); Defense: Ben Blood (NCAA 42-21), Chris Wideman (NCAA 41-24), Danny New (NCAA 36-14), Kyle Bushee (ECHL 57-19), Jordan Southorn (ECHL 50-21), Matt Campanale (ECHL 58-22), Jimmy Martin (ECHL 70-27); Goalies: Marc Cheverie (ECHL 2.71), Nick Niedert (ECHL 2.07).  Chaz Johnson (ECHL F 64-35) is on injured reserve while Benjamin Dieude-Fauvel (ECHL D 62-14), Kevin Harvey (ECHL F 34-11), and Jarrett Rush (ECHL D 57-13) are on reserve.  That’s 12 forwards, 7 defensemen, and 2 goaltenders excluding reserves.  Clearly the team expects more forwards from Binghamton in the near future.

-Just a clarification on Brad Peltz as I get asked about him frequently: despite being a Senators draft pick he was not offered a contract by the team when he turned pro.  He was invited to Binghamton on a tryout basis and remains with Elmira on a tryout.

-Speaking of Elmira’s game against Reading, the latter features prospect Philipp Grubauer (who lost to both Binghamton and Elmira in pre-season action), as well as former B-Sen Yannick Tifu.

-Elmira released goaltender Joe Spagnoli from their roster.

Hockeys Future has finished it’s top-50 prospect list and Mika Zibanejad shows up at #5 (Jakob Silfverberg was #40 and Robin Lehner was #46).

-I’m not sure what their source is, but Hockey-Site provides a list of average player salary by league:
Czech Extraliga
With elite players in various other professional leagues making decent salaries.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. Peltz is a Senators prospect. Should be in green.

    • Despite being a Sens draft pick, Peltz is not actually signed by the team–he was invited to Binghamton’s camp on a tryout basis and remains in Elmira on a tryout so he’s not Sens property unless he’s signed to a contract.

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