Senators News: October 18th

-I’ve been amused by how many stories (and Tweets) are making the rounds expressing the sentiment that the NHLPA “must” accept the NHL’s proposal because…well there aren’t any concrete reasons beyond some saying “50-50 seems fair.”  The only element of the league’s proposal that really struck me as interesting was the league wanting to limit deals to no longer than five years, admitting that ownership is incapable of controlling themselves when it comes to term (just as a cap is an admission they are incapable of limiting themselves in compensation).  For a full breakdown of the proposal go here (player reaction is here).

-Most of the news today is following the ping-pong of CBA negotiations, but I think most fans just don’t want to hear about it until either 1) a deal is reached, or 2) the season is cancelled.

-Binghamton has re-assigned Louie Caporusso, Ben Blood, and Jack Downing to Elmira.  The move is no surprise, but will help an already strong Jackals squad.

Jeremy Milks broke his blog silence last week to let us know he wishes that the Cup would be handed out by former winners rather than by Gary Bettman, which raised the question for me: who watches the Cup being handed out?  I mean, except for fans of the winner?  Frankly, they could have Bozo the Clown hand the trophy out and I wouldn’t care.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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