Senators News: October 22nd; Binghamton 2, Hershey 1

-Binghamton beat Hershey 2-1 in OT last night in a game I was unable to watch (although I was able to listen).  It was a strong game for the B-Sens defensively (they limited the Bears to 25 shots).  Benoit provided the team with an early lead and Jessiman gave them the win late in OT (the goal that required video review).  Derek Grant was named the game’s first star despite putting no points on the board.  Here are the game highlights.

-I mentioned yesterday that the reporting after Binghamton’s loss to Syracuse was focussed on the Lehner‘s fight being a sign that he was “out of control” (I’ve always wondered why guys like Ron Hextall and Billy Smith are lauded for much more radical behaviour, but with Lehner it’s a flaw), and Ken Warren has thrown in his own lazy article on the same point.  Amusingly, Warren dynamites his own point by including Luke Richardson’s comments, particularly:

We have to keep guys from slamming into him.

That’s exactly what the team needs to do–protect their goaltender.  I think Lehner reasonably thought his teammates could handle a five-goal lead and decided to take a break from getting run.  If Binghamton wins that game the story is a funny one.  I’m still puzzled why veteran Nathan Lawson, an experienced backup who gets paid to come off the bench in relief, received a free pass in the post-game coverage.

-In the midst of an emotional polemic about the lockout Scott Burnside does say something interesting:

The players through their three-proposal smorgasbord presented Thursday have acknowledged that at some point a 50-50 split in revenues is on the table. And the league has acknowledged if not a willingness to honor the players’ existing contracts, at least that it is a key to getting a deal done and that they will have to come up with a mechanism that simply doesn’t require the players to end up paying each other during the life of a new deal in order to satisfy the “make-whole” concept. There also seems to be some consensus on revenue sharing. A settlement isn’t just sitting under a desk in the corner like some Easter egg waiting to be picked up and put in a basket, but the tools for hammering such a settlement together are in the room for the first time.

Regardless of when the CBA is settled, knowing that both sides are moving towards the same place does make it more likely that the season on some level will be saved.

-I’ve been seeing some amazement expressed that Sens prospect Mikael Wikstrand is being considered as part of Sweden’s WJC roster, but this inclusion should come as no surprise.  When he was drafted Pierre Dorion said the Sens expected him to be on Sweden’s roster.  What I find remarkable is his goal scoring, which is at an astonishing pace for a defenseman.

-Here’s the weekly prospect update:

Matt Puempel (OHL Kitchener) 11-7-4-11
Cody Ceci (OHL Ottawa) 11-3-8-11
Stefan Noesen (OHL Plymouth) 11-7-2-9
Jordan Fransoo (WHL Victoria) 7-0-3-3
Jakub Culek (QMJHL Rimouski) DNP
Jarrod Maidens (OHL Owen Sound) (injured)
Francois Brassard (QMJHL Quebec) 9-2-0 2.09 .918
Chris Driedger (WHL Calgary) 6-2-1 2.51 .915

Allsvenskan (Swe)
Mikael Vikstrand (Mora) 12-7-2-9

Nikita Filatov (Salavat) 18-4-6-10

Bryce Aneloski (Nebraska-Omaha) – 4-1-4-5
Max McCormick (Ohio) – 4-1-2-3
Ryan Dzingel (Ohio) – 4-1-0-1
Jeff Costello (Notre Dame) – 2-1-0-1
Michael Sdao (Princeton) – senior year upcoming
Tim Boyle (Union) – freshman year upcoming

Robbie Baillargeon (Indiana) – 10-1-7-8

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. Any update on the status of Jakub Culek? Is he going to get traded? Can he be moved back to the ECHL?

    • There’s a rumour of Culek being traded within the Q, but that’s all it is right now. I’m not sure if he can be recalled to the pros or not, but given how packed Elmira’s roster is I’m not sure that would serve as useful development time for him.

  2. […] Senators News: October 22nd; Binghamton 2, Hershey 1 […]

  3. […] Senators News: October 22nd; Binghamton 2, Hershey 1 […]

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