Senators News: October 29th; Binghamton 0, Manchester 4

-I watched Binghamton’s 4-0 loss to Manchester, a no-hitting game the team deserved to lose.  Ben Bishop took the loss and was not particularly good–the third goal in particular was awful.  The Sens had minimal offensive changes, although there were enough in the second period that they might have clawed their way back into the game.  The Pageau experiment as the top center did not last long with Cannone taking over his spot; the lines in general went into the blender as the game progressed (I thought Pageau was better off that line).  Binghamton wasn’t able to sustain offensive pressure throughout the game and most of their chances came off the rush or rare Manchester breakdowns.  I thought Dziurzynski was the best player overall for the B-Sens, while Cole Schneider had the most offensive opportunities.  It seems Binghamton is missing too many key pieces in its lineup and that they need a playmaker (like Da Costa or Stone) to compliment their shooters (like Silfverberg and Zibanejad).

-There have been a host of amusing Tweets from various Binghamton Senators in the face of hurricane Sandy, but Robin Lehner has my favourite:

Haha can’t find any flashlights or lanterns in bingo… Lighting up some candles if the power goes!:) Anyone wanna sell a generator to lehner?:)

-And that folks, is it for hockey news today, other than talk of the NHL cancelling the Winter Classic soon.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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  1. […] the game.  I thought Chris Wideman played well in his AHL debut, as did Shane Prince.  As I mentioned in Binghamton’s last game I think Pageau has been better when moved away from the […]

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