Binghamton at the Twenty Game Mark

The Binghamton Senators have reached the 20-game mark so it’s time to take stock and see how the team and the players are doing (for the previous ten games go here).  Binghamton was 9-1-0, placing them 4th in their conference and 2nd in their division.  Their 64 goals-for put them tied for 10th in their conference, while their 48 goals allowed is 2nd best in the conference.

Player’s stats (INJ=games missed due to injury, SCR= scratched, SUS=suspended, NHL=games in the NHL, ECHL=games in the ECHL):

Jakob Silfverberg 10-5-6-11 +7
Pat Cannone 10-4-5-9 +12
Derek Grant
10-7-1-8 +8
Andre Benoit
10-4-3-7 +3
Patrick Wiercioch 10-3-4-7 +7
Corey Cowick 9-1-5-6 +1 SCR 1
Cole Schneider 6-2-3-5 +6 SCR 4
Shane Prince
9-2-3-5 +4 SCR 1
Tyler Eckford 10-3-2-5 +7
Mike Hoffman 10-1-4-5 +5
Stephane Da Costa 3-3-1-4 +4 INJ 7
Mika Zibanejad 6-1-3-4 Even INJ 4
Hugh Jessiman 10-1-3-4 Even
Fredrik Claesson 10-0-4-4 +9
David Dziurzynski
10-0-4-4 +6
Jean-Gabriel Pageau 10-0-4-4 -1
Eric Gryba 7-2-1-3 +10 INJ 3
Mark Stone 10-2-1-3 +3
Mark Borowiecki 8-0-2-2 +8 INJ 2
Andre Petersson 7-1-0-1 -3 SCR 3
Chris Wideman 5-0-0-0 -3 [ECHL 1-0-1-1 -3]
Jack Downing DNP [ECHL 12-4-8-12 Even]
Louie Caporusso DNP [ECHL 11-4-6-10 +3]
Dustin Gazley DNP [ECHL 6-1-5-6 -3]
Darren Kramer DNP [ECHL 6-1-2-3 Even]
Danny New DNP [ECHL 8-0-2-2 +2]
Brad Peltz DNP [ECHL 3-0-1-1 Even]
Ben Blood DNP [ECHL 11-0-0-0 -2]
Jared Cowen DNP (injured)
Wacey Hamilton DNP (injured)

Robin Lehner 4-1-0 1.75 0.947
Ben Bishop 5-0-0 2.73 0.932
Nathan Lawson DNP
Marc Cheverie DNP [ECHL 3-4-0 2.52 0.920]

Most players had solid to good results, with the exceptions of Andre Petersson who is struggling in a sophomore slump and Mark Stone whose offensive numbers have dwindled since he returned from injury.  There’s also some disappointment that Mike Hoffman hasn’t been able to put his game in gear offensively.  Silfverberg and Cannone‘s numbers are no surprise and the former has played a huge role in Cannone bouncing back from a slow start to the season (he also lead the team in plus/minus over the stretch).  Derek Grant‘s numbers are a pleasant surprise, particularly given that his linemates (Dziurzynski and Stone) did not produce much.  On the blueline performances are largely as expected, although Fredrik Claesson looks like he’s well ahead of schedule in putting up unexpected points along with solid defensive play.  On the down side Ben Blood has been underwhelming even at the ECHL level.  Goaltending has been stellar, particularly with Ben Bishop back in his usual form.

I don’t expect Binghamton to maintain this pace, but their performance shows just how strong they can be.  The main concern is on the blueline if the NHL lockout ends, but it’s possible Blood and Wideman will be more useful players in an AHL drained of its highest talent.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



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