Senators News: December 10th

-In expected news the NHL has now cancelled games through December 30th.

Stefan G:son quotes the VP of the Swedish Hockey Federation on Mika Zibanejad‘s status for the WJC:

We’ve had a good dialogue with Senators management this past week, but Mika have not been able to be on the ice for ten days due to medical reasons. … Ottawa want Mika to get healthy and we understand that now that he’s been ill for a long time. They waited over the weekend to see if he would get better, but he didn’t. Had Mika been healthy, Ottawa would’ve liked to see him play at the WJC.

None of this really fits with what the Senators brass has been saying, but there’s no doubt Mika isn’t healthy at the moment (I think Stefan’s speculation about a concussion is pushing things a bit far).

-After picking up a point in Elmira Brad Peltz has been recalled to Binghamton.  Elmira has also signed forward and former San Jose draft pick Justin Daniels (3-62/08) who has been playing for Augusta in the SPHL (6-1-0-1 -8).

-As an illustration of what to look for when deciding if an article is substantive or not I’ll quote John Shannon who talks about the financial distress of NHL franchises:

I’ve been told that 18 teams in the NHL lost money last year.

That’s great John; I’ve been told the world will end because of the Mayan calendar–being told something isn’t presenting facts.  You can see the counterpoint to this idea here and Stu Hackel takes his time in examining the facts as he is able to ascertain them.  I think fans get too riled up by vague polemics from journalists (much like in politics) and don’t step back to look at the quality of the information being provided.  Shannon isn’t an idiot so presumably his sources are within the NHL, but he’d be better off revealing that and writing a more balanced opinion piece.  This is the kind of thing that made me blow up at Marc Spector a few weeks ago–it’s just lazy journalism.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



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