BSens Sign Francois Beauchemin and Jake Paterson

I started writing about Zack Smith on waivers this afternoon–Dorion reaping what he sowed by signing him to a ridiculous contract last year and finding no one dumb enough to take him for picks–when the news of a couple of new AHL-contracts emerged. While the Sens need a goaltender for the ECHL (to play alongside rookie Leo Lazarev and, I presume, Marcus Hogberg), the last thing they need is another forward with around sixteen already slated for Belleville. Regardless, here are profiles for both.

Francois Beauchemin RW DOB 1996
2016-17 QMJHL 69-45-52-97 1.40
2017-18 AHL 31-5-4-9 0.29/ECHL 22-7-5-12 0.54

Never ranked for the draft (HP has one game report from 2016 where they liked his smarts and he threw a big hit); he’s a cautionary tale for players putting up big numbers in their final junior year–unlike FA Aaron Luchuk his production was unexpected (his previous season he scored only at a 0.60 pace). He signed an AHL-deal with Florida’s affiliate, but spent as much time with their ECHL team as with Springfield–his numbers weren’t remarkable in either case. I’m not at all sure why the Sens gave him an AHL-contract when there are already so many bodies in Belleville.

Jake Paterson GL DOB 1994 3-80/12 Det
2016-17 ECHL .918 2.28 34-13-2
2017-18 ECHL .899 3.71 11-10-2

The former Detroit-pick has quite a few scouting reports on him from when he was drafted in 2012:

McKeens: Not blessed with an abundance of speed or lateral quickness
ISS: needs to improve is his rebound control, seems to have trouble at times fighting pucks
HP: [has] trouble with shots midway into the zone and off the wall and has did let in some unorthodox goals over the course of our viewings. Paterson is a tough one to project

The Wings signed him, but he spent most of his ELC playing in ECHL Toledo. His monster final season with Toledo earned him an AHL-deal with Milwaukee, but he quickly bombed out with the team (along with former BSen Matt O’Connor) and bounced between three ECHL teams, putting up awful numbers. While he’s surely bound for Brampton, the Sens have to be hoping and praying last season was an anomaly. Without a trade or serious injury troubles he’ll never play for the BSens.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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