Brampton: Ottawa’s ECHL Affiliate


When the BSens were in Binghamton I covered their ECHL affiliate in Wichita, but that affiliation was dropped when the franchise moved to Belleville; the Sens shared an arrangement with Montreal in Brampton last year. The org no longer shares the team, which is a boon for Belleville as they can use the Beast as both a resource and a dumping ground. Last season Brampton did not provide relief when the BSens were short on players (two of the three ECHL players who served the most time, Dziurzynski and Vaive, were drawn from other teams), serving only as a place to dump underperformers (basically Vincent Dunn, who was sent to Pittsburgh in the Derick Brassard trade).

The Beast were 28-34-10 last year (by far the worst in their division) and coach Colin Chaulk and GM Cary Kaplan remain (the former since 15-16, the latter since 13-14). Here’s a look at the Beast’s roster thus far (arranged by productivity and position, with returning players in blue and rookies in green; I’ve included career points-per-game where appropriate):

Artur Tyanulin DOB 97 ECHL 39-18-24-42 1.07
Former OHLer (and 67)
Brandon Marino DOB 86 ECHL 72-20-42-62 0.86 [ECHL 327-103-234-337 1.03]
NCAA grad has been a high performer at this level
Chris Leveille DOB 87 ECHL 64-18-33-51 0.79 [ECHL 132-31-65-96 0.73]
CCHL grad has good ECHL and lower league numbers
David Pacan DOB 91 6-177/09 Svk 52-12-25-37 0.71 [ECHL 320-99-182-281 0.88]
OHLer, prior to his year in Slovakia, he’s posted good ECHL numbers
David Vallorani DOB 89 ECHL 46-10-20-30 0.65 [ECHL 255-83-148-231 0.91]
NCAA grad has bounced around between various European leagues and the ECHL
Nathan Todd DOB 95 ECHL 34-8-7-15 0.44 [ECHL 46-8-11-19 0.41]
Another former OHLer/67 who was with Brampton last season
Jackson Leef DOB 92 ECHL 44-5-9-14 0.31
NCAA division III grad has been unremarkable in the SPHL and ECHL
Jake Wood DOB 93 ECHL 19-1-3-4 0.21
NCAA grad has underperformed at every level
Kris Newbury DOB 82 5-139/02 DEL 45-11-25-36 0.80 [AHL 826-199-383-582 0.70]
Once a high-end AHL performer his German numbers are only average; he’ll presumably be looking for an AHL-deal with someone
Lucas Venuto DOB 94 Swe Div I 41-16-28-44 1.07 [ECHL 36-2-5-7 0.19]
Former OHLer has spent most of his pro time in Sweden, but did have an unremarkable half-season with Brampton two years ago
Anthony Beauregard DOB 95 CIS 28-19-41-60 2.14 [ECHL 21-5-5-10 0.47]
Former QMJHLer who went to the ECHL, left early to the CIS, and left university hockey early to turn pro again

Jordan Henry DOB 86 ECHL 56-9-20-29 0.51 [ECHL 263-51-88-139 0.53]
WHLer has logged 300 AHL games, but hasn’t had a real sniff since the 12-13 season; this will be his fourth year with Brampton
Reggie Traccitto DOB 89 ECHL 66-13-19-32 0.48 [ECHL 193-26-49-75 0.39]
CIS grad has slowly carved out solid ECHL numbers–this will be his fourth season with Brampton
Chase Golightly DOB 92 ECHL 55-1-11-12 0.21 [111-3-24-27 0.24]
NCAA grad hasn’t done much at this level
Mathieu Gagnon DOB 92 EIHL 54-2-9-11 0.20 [ECHL 150-8-17-25 0.17]
QMJHL pugilist has continued to punch things wherever he’s gone (he was with Brampton two years ago)
Mike Folkes DOB 88 ECHL 46-0-7-7 0.15 [ECHL 186-3-20-23 0.12]
In five professional seasons he’s scored four times–gives you an idea of what he brings to the table
Hugo Enock
DOB 97 Allsvenskan 45-1-4-5 0.11
Unimpressive Swedish numbers and at 5’8 he’s an unusual signing
Austin McEneny DOB 97 OHL 61-6-24-30 0.49
Undrafted OHLer

Leo Lazarev DOB 97 OHL .898 3.23 32-16-0
OHLer has a 67 connection

There are a few players in Belleville’s camp without contracts who might be fodder for the Beast:

Chase Stewart DR DOB 97 QMJHL (Rimouski) 53-5-35-29 (0.54)
After failing out of the OHL he wound up in the Q playing with Thomas Chabot; beyond a career year in his final stint in junior he also increased how much he fought (going from 4-5 fights a year up to 7). He was second on his team in scoring, well behind D’Astous (another development and rookie camp invite). The Beast already have tough guys so he’s going to have to show another dimension to earn a spot.
Kelly Summers DOB 1996 DR 7-189/14 NCAA (Clarkson) 40-6-24-30 (0.75)
I did a full breakdown of him this summer; while the Sens didn’t sign him I did think it was possible he’d be invited to camp. When looking at his comparables he seemed most similar to James de Haas, who spent half a season with Lehigh Valley last year (33-1-10-11, or 0.33)
Jonathan Racine DL DOB 1993 ECHL (Manchester) 20-1-3-4 (0.20)
While he’s played a ton of AHL games (259) it was only for one reason: fighting (27 at that level over his career). However, averaging a pathetic 0.11 points-per-game has finally shuttled him down to the ECHL, where he’s not been much better. As mentioned above the Beast have plenty of fighters so it’s hard to see room for him.

Jordan Stallard CL DOB 1997 5-127/16 Win WHL (Prince Albert) 72-44-47-91 (1.26)
Parker Kelly’s teammate did what an overager is supposed to do in his final year: dominate, but it wasn’t enough to impress the Jets (he was fairly highly regarded when drafted–only ISS didn’t care for him). Stallard was the top scorer for his team, but numbers like this aren’t always good indicators for overagers. In his case they didn’t come out of the blue for him–he averaged 0.86 points-per-game in his previous two seasons. I’m a fan of talent, so I like that they invited a player whose core ability is producing.
Daniel Ciampini CL DOB 1990 AHL 49-7-9-16 (0.32)
You can read a full breakdown of his season in Belleville via the link, but in essence: he’s been an excellent ECHL-player, but a lack of speed and consistency is what keeps him from being an AHL-regular.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



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