The Binghamton Senators at the Ten Game Mark

After 10 games Binghamton sits at 5-4-1, their record good enough for 4th in the division, 8th in the conference, and 13th in the overall standings.  They are tied for 14th in goals for and tied for 20th in goals against.  A quick snapshot of player’s stats (INJ=games missed due to injury, SCR=scratched, NHL=games in the NHL, ECHL=games in the ECHL):
Mark Parrish 9-5-2-7 -2 1 INJ
Corey Locke 8-0-7-7 -3 2 INJ
Kaspars Daugavins 7-4-2-6 Even 4 NHL (4-1-0-1)
Pat Cannone 10-3-3-6 +1
Mike Hoffman 10-3-3-6 -2
Nikita Filatov 7-4-1-5 +3 3 NHL (3-0-1-1)
Derek Grant 9-2-3-5 +2 1 SCR
Patrick Wiercioch 10-1-4-5 -2
Jim O’Brien 10-1-3-4 +2
Andre Petersson 9-2-1-3 +2 1 INJ
Eric Gryba 10-1-2-3 -3
Tim Conboy 10-0-3-3 +4
Wacey Hamilton 10-1-1-2 -1
Josh Godfrey 4-0-2-2 +2 1 SCR 2 ECHL (2-0-2-2)
David Dziurzynski 9-0-2-2 +1 1 INJ
Craig Schira 9-0-2-2 -1 1 SCR
Corey Cowick 8-1-0-1 +1 2 SCR
Bobby Raymond 3-0-1-1 +2 5 SCR 3 ECHL (3-2-1-3)
Jack Downing 4-0-1-1 Even 2 SCR 2 ECHL (2-0-2-2)
Shaun Heshka 4-0-1-1 -2 4 SCR
Francis Lessard 7-0-1-1 -1 3 SCR
Mark Borowiecki 10-0-1-1 +3
Mike Radja 2-0-1-1 +1 4 ECHL (4-4-3-7)
Maxime Gratchev 1-0-0-0 Even 2 SCR 5 ECHL (5-2-2-4)
Louie Caporusso 0-0-0-0 2 SCR 5 ECHL (5-1-4-5)
Robin Lehner 4-2-0 2.77 .927 (pulled once) 2 NHL (1-0-0 2.00 .920)
Mike McKenna 1-3-0 3.68 .896
Brian Stewart 0-0-0 2 ECHL (1-1-0 3.01 .933)

A few things thoughts: the biggest surprise to me is Pat Cannone, who was largely invisible in training camp.  He’s an older rookie (25) and has made the easiest adjustment to the pro game.  Jim O’Brien, who is apparently playing well, is not producing at the same pace as last year (something I predicted prior to the season).  Patrick Wiercioch‘s production has been much better to start the season (it’s the second most productive month of his AHL career).  AHL-veteran Shaun Heshka has not won the confidence of the coaches and unless something changes he’s going to spend most of the year warming the pressbox.

As I said in my look at Ottawa after ten games, I don’t think we’ll have a real sense of team trends until the 20-game mark, but this serves as a point in time that can be referred too later in the season.



  1. Cannone didn’t play in the rookie games, so it would have been hard for him to be anything other than invisible.

    Did you watch all the scrimages and practices at main camp? How do you know he was “largely invisible” ? Actually, management was really impressed with him, but couldn’t get him in a game because they had too many high picks to take a look at.

    • Thanks for the correction–a miscue on my part–and I’ve made the necessary change to the article.

      I have the following issue with your second point about training camp: how do you know what management thought about his camp? My opinion in based on published reports, which is to say I saw nothing published about Cannone’s performance in camp (thus, my opinion). If you know of a published report that says differently I’ll happily change my opinion.

  2. I don’t rely on published reports. I rely on what people close to the team tell me.

    Cannone is an interesting prospect because he has the same offensive game as most of the big college free agents the media pumps up, and probably an even more well rounded game than guys like Da Costa and Miele. The biggest difference with Cannone is obviously his age. He didn’t start college until he was already 21.

    He will need a good year to keep himself on the team’s radar, but if he can keep putting up numbers and playing a solid all around game I think he’ll become a legitimate prospect that people will start talking about.

    • I have to base my opinions on what’s reported (otherwise there’s no basis for anything that I say). I do appreciate your opinions however and encourage you to continue to offer them.

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