Senators News: November 27th; Binghamton 2, Wilkes-Barre 3

-Here’s the Penguin response to Nick Foligno‘s criticism of Sidney Crosby elbowing him in the head: Crosby said exactly what I expected, denying it was an elbow (link), while Dan Bylsma waxed rhapsodically about everything except the elbow (link)–tacitly accepting it by not denying it, “the score 5-1 and intentionally going into our goalie, he can expect more than Sidney Crosby coming at him and talking to him during the game.”  If I accept Bylsma at his word, then other teams can elbow his players in the head if they go after their goaltenders.  Crosby‘s denial is ridiculous–anyone watching the replay can see him throwing an elbow.  The only point Foligno raised was hypocrisy and Bylsma ignored it and Crosby simply lied.  I don’t expect the story to linger, but it was interesting to see how Crosby dealt with criticism.

-The Senators have kept their promise to Nikita Filatov, calling him up to Ottawa and sending Stephane Da Costa down to Binghamton.  Just like the last time he was recalled Filatov has played three games in three nights and was hit in the head in his last game (by Robert Bortuzzo).  The Ottawa Citizen‘s Ken Warren can’t resist adding his own storyline to things by saying Filatov has looked “uninspired for the most part” (link), a sentiment echoed by no one in the organisation.

-Along with Filatov, David Rundblad returns to the lineup while Brian Lee sits

Craig Anderson talks about improving after Friday night’s struggles, “You want to get back on that horse. You want to go out there and give the guys that confidence boost. Make that  save for them and give them a good game” (link).

-In The Ottawa Citizen‘s Ken Warren article above he talks about Paul MacLean going down the failed road of trying Jesse Winchester as a scoring center.  I like Winchester, but he’s not an offensively talented player at the NHL-level.

Binghamton lost 3-2 to Wilkes-Barre, with David Dziruzynski and Josh Godfrey scoring their first goals of the season and Andre Petersson extending his point streak to four games.  I didn’t see the game so I’m reliant on reports on it (for the box score go here link, for Joy Lindsay’s game summary go here link).

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