Senators News: October 1st

Corey Cowick talked about training camp and said that he thought he’d get a better opportunity under Luke Richardson than he had under Kurt Kleinendorst.

Luke Richardson also talked about training camp and made an interesting comment in the course of the interview:

I try not to preach what I did.  I want them [the players] to become their own player their own person and if they do have questions I love telling old stories that can help kind of calm them down and realise that other people went through the highs and lows that they did and that it’s the same game it was twenty years ago.

Nichols writes that Robin Lehner is the Sens prospect he most wants to see fulfill his potential.  He summarizes Lehner‘s career as part of the organisation and the article is worth reading through.  I like Lehner as well and on a selfish note he’s one of the few guys who regularly says interesting things for reporters and bloggers to write about.

-Here’s the weekly prospect update:

Cody Ceci (OHL Ottawa) 4-1-5-6
Matt Puempel (OHL Kitchener) 4-4-1-5
Stefan Noesen (OHL Plymouth) 3-2-0-2
Jordan Fransoo (WHL Victoria) 4-0-2-2
Jarrod Maidens (OHL Owen Sound) injured
Francois Brassard (QMJHL Quebec) 4-0-0 1.50 .938
Chris Driedger (WHL Calgary) 3-0-1 1.73 .940

Allsvenskan (Swe)
Mikael Vikstrand (Mora) 7-3-2-5

Nikita Filatov (Salavat) 9-2-4-6

Jeff Costello (Notre Dame) – junior year upcoming
Michael Sdao (Princeton) – senior year upcoming
Bryce Aneloski (Nebraska-Omaha) – junior year upcoming
Max McCormick (Ohio) – sophomore year upcoming
Ryan Dzingel (Ohio) – sophomore year upcoming
Tim Boyle (Union) – freshman year upcoming

Robbie Baillargeon (Indiana) – 2-0-2-2

Glen Erickson provides an overview of the WHL’s Western Conference.

Mark Spector believes the NHL and the NHLPA have a naive attitude towards the use of performance enhancing drugs in the league.  His article is an exploration of the possibilities rather than an examination of proofs, but I agree with his overall point.  Testing is expensive, however, and I get no sense that the league is particularly concerned about it, so I don’t imagine anything will change in the near future.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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