Senators News: October 2nd

Luke Richardson singled out David Dziurzynski as the most impressive skater at camp so far.

-Besides Dustin Gazley being added to Binghamton’s camp there are two other roster notes related to Elmira: forwards Chris Campanale (SPHL 22-4-7-11) and Rob Bellamy (ECHL 63-11-13-24) were added to training camp.

Bobbykelly begins projecting Binghamton’s lineup with the forwards because hey, why write one article when you can write two or three?  Before I get to his lines here’s a quote:

Being productive in the AHL versus the NHL are often two different skill-sets. To be a winner in the former, your body needs to be conditioned to handle the wear-and-tear of a very physical league, for up to three games in three days. Air Canada doesn’t charter many flights–you’re riding the bus. A player who can work in a third-line role in the NHL, cycling well from the corners and scoring goals from dirty areas might excel in the AHL. Similarly, a smooth-skating top-line NHL star could be slightly worn down by the drudgery of the AHL schedule. The Corey Lockes and Mike Zigomanises (Zigomanii?) are often the league’s leaders and top playmakers.

Let’s be clear, players who are good in the NHL are good in the AHL.  A more accurate way of looking at the differences between the leagues is that the AHL has a lower level of talent so players can get away with things in that league that won’t work in the NHL.  With that aside, onto his lines:

Zibanejad-Da Costa-Stone

There’s some speculation included here that I want to address before I consider his lines: neither David Dziurzynski nor Hugh Jessiman are in danger of assignment to Elmira; Pageau will go back to the Q before being sent to Elmira; it’s unlikely that college FA signee Cole Schneider will spend much time in Elmira; Darren Kramer is also unlikely to go to the ECHL given the lack of heavyweights in Binghamton; Petersson‘s production was consistent throughout last year (he finished 15th in AHL rookie scoring); Brad Peltz doesn’t have a contract yet so there’s no guarantee he’ll be in Elmira; the attempted speculation about translating European and Collegiate success in North America can be more fully explored here (Europe) and here (college).

So what about the lines?  First we can throw Shane Prince out as he’ll be returned to junior–his performance at camp is irrelevant because the team has too many forwards to indulge testing him out in the AHL (it would also make an already small forward group even smaller).  Bobbykelly’s top-six is reasonable, although it’s not identical to mine.  Grant won’t play on the fourth line, but I agree that Cannone is a top-nine forward.  Hamilton and Cowick are in the mix for fourth-line roles.  All that being said his line speculation is reasonable.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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