Senators News: October 7th; Binghamton 6, Albany 3

-Binghamton wrapped up its pre-season action with a 6-3 win over Albany.  Robin Lehner earned the win and Corey Cowick, Derek Grant, Mike Hoffman, Andre Petersson, Andre Benoit, and Mark Stone (empty-net) scoring.  I watched the game which was slow and sloppy, with the only takeaways being that Stone and Jean-Gabriel Pageau were completely invisible–that won’t impact Stone much, but may hurt Pageau (who is CHL eligible).

-Final roster decisions haven’t been made and given the injury situations of several players they may be delayed for some time.  My guess for the roster remains largely unchanged (in no particular order): Cannone, Da Costa, Silfverberg, Zibanejad, Petersson, Jessiman, Stone, Grant, Hoffman, Dziurzynski, Kramer, Schneider, Cowick; Benoit, Eckford, Borowiecki, Gryba, Wiercioch, Blood, Claesson,  The toughest guess is the extra forward, but assuming I’m right we’ll see Downing, Culek, Hamilton, and Caporusso sent to join Wideman in Elmira (any of the first three forwards mentioned could be swapped out with Cowick), while Pageau and Prince go back to junior.

Nichols transcribes an interview with Tim Murray from Wednesday and there isn’t much of interest said.  A couple of quotes amused me:

The first thing that you notice about the league [AHL in lockout mode] is that maybe some of the one-dimensional players [goons] are going to be eliminated a little bit because you have to get your kids and your good prospects in the lineup and your good players in the lineup.

Doni Brennan on a Swede [Lehner]? Really? That would amaze me that he’d like a Swede or any other type of Euro.

I like Murray’s dismissal of the enforcer as a useful part of the team, as well as his poke at Brennan’s predilections.  Unfortunately that’s it; part of the problem are the questions he was asked, but there’s nothing of substance here.

Sportsnet has announced the airing of AHL games, but so far Binghamton is not on the list (Toronto, Hamilton, Abbotsford, and Chicago are the Canadian affiliates being shown).

Daniel Wagner looks at Don Cherry’s Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em on the hunt for illegal hits and its worth reading through what helped make Grapes rich.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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