Senators News: October 8th

-Binghamton re-assigned one more player today, sending Jakub Culek to the QMJHL (and yes, I’d forgotten he was CHL-eligible).  This isn’t a surprising roster decision, but it does mean Culek fell behind tryout Jack Downing.  I think more roster moves may have occurred today were it not for the injury situation in Binghamton. [Sylvain St-Laurent has Tweeted that Jean-Gabriel Pageau is going to spend the year in Binghamton, but I haven’t seen any confirmation of that–he’s subsequently Tweeted that Luke Richardson has confirmed he’s staying, although I’m not sure if the “other decisions” will be made when Da Costa is healthy impacts Pageau or not.]

-Here are highlights from Binghamton’s 6-3 win over Albany.

Pierre LeBrun and Scott Burnside‘s pre-season power rankings have the Sens 13th and 17th respectively.

DJ Powers looks at the Atlantic Hockey Conference (NCAA), which features no Sens prospects, but does reference free agent signee Cole Schneider.

Jason Chen offers an early look at some of Ottawa’s prospects thus far (there’s nothing new here, although I’m always happy to see Michael Sdao brought up).

Jeremy Rutherford warns that the NHL is risking losing corporate ticket sales with the lockout, with Spotlight TMS CEO Tony Knopp saying:

Since 2008, I would say that one in every four [corporate] customers we talk to, somebody internally is telling them that they have to drop their tickets. I know (the NHL and its teams) are saying, ‘This is what happened after the last lockout, this is how much business you can expect.’ My argument is that’s not going to be the case this time. These guys are already looking for a way to get out of sports tickets, and now they’re just giving them bullets to shoot themselves with. The reality is, once budget gets cut, you don’t just add budget overnight. You have to justify why doing business with the St. Louis Blues is better than not laying off these three people. That’s an awful difficult fight to have post-2008.

The article also talks about how NHL players receive a greater percentage of revenue than the NBA and NFL and talks about how normal fans will return to the league like they always do after work stoppages.  It’s an interesting read.

-Here’s the weekly prospect update:

Matt Puempel (OHL Kitchener) 6-5-2-7
Cody Ceci (OHL Ottawa) 6-2-5-7
Stefan Noesen (OHL Plymouth) 5-5-1-6
Jordan Fransoo (WHL Victoria) 4-0-2-2 (injured)
Jarrod Maidens (OHL Owen Sound) (injured)
Francois Brassard (QMJHL Quebec) 6-1-0 2.00 .924
Chris Driedger (WHL Calgary) 4-0-1 2.34 .918

Allsvenskan (Swe)
Mikael Vikstrand (Mora) 9-3-2-5

Nikita Filatov (Salavat) 13-3-6-9

Jeff Costello (Notre Dame) – junior year upcoming
Michael Sdao (Princeton) – senior year upcoming
Bryce Aneloski (Nebraska-Omaha) – junior year upcoming
Max McCormick (Ohio) – sophomore year upcoming
Ryan Dzingel (Ohio) – sophomore year upcoming
Tim Boyle (Union) – freshman year upcoming

Robbie Baillargeon (Indiana) – 4-0-3-3

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. Its interesting that the Sens would keep JGP up. With Da Costa and Cannone in the top two roles, (when healthy) it’ll be interesting to see who gets pushed aside.

    Cannone probably doesn’t have much of a future with the Sens, but Da Costa could provide good minutes in a pinch.

    Plus with JGP injured last season, I thought him going back to junior to dominate and play for team Canada at the worlds possibly was a good route for him.

    • I’m not sure JGP is a permanent fixture in the lineup–I see him as a place holder for Da Costa. Given the glut of players in the system I still think it’s likely that JGP (and Prince) will go back to junior. As for Cannone, he was signed to a two-year deal so he’s considered part of the present for at least that long (he was voted Bingo’s best defensive forward last season). I don’t know that Cannone has an *NHL* future, but he’s a useful AHL piece. I think after the weekend (assuming everyone is healthy) we’ll see a more finalized roster.

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