Senators News: November 17th; Binghamton 5, Adirondack 2

-Binghamton defeated Adirondack 5-2 in a game they controlled throughout (here are the highlights).  Grant, Eckford, Cannone, Zibanejad, and Stone scored, while Bishop picked up the win.  It was a good game for Cowick who lead the way with two points; Wideman was the only minus player (-2), while Benoit lead the way at +3.  Binghamton was able to manage some aggressive play from Adirondack at the end of the second period without losing their cool.  The team’s powerplay didn’t score, but looked much better than at earlier points of the season.

-Binghamton plays Rochester tonight.  The Amerks are 8-5-1, lead by Marcus Foligno with 15 points, while David Leggio has backstopped all the team’s wins.  The B-Sens won the previous meeting 3-1.

-Elmira lost 2-1 to Trenton last night, with Downing picking up the goal, the only point by Binghamton contracted players (Cheverie took the loss).  The Jackals will battle Trenton again tonight.

Kristen Odland writes about Sens prospect Chris Driedger, who said:

I think just all around, even this year, there has been a couple games when I’m  not in the game 100 per cent because you can’t feel 100 per cent all of the  time. But even when you feel not great before a game, you have to be able to  perform. I’m just trying to work on that. Obviously, there’s games where I’m feeling really good. And most of the time  when I’m feeling pretty good, I play pretty good. I’m just trying to make sure I  feel good before games and when I don’t, making sure that it doesn’t affect my  game.

Stu Hackel debunks the notion that many owners are losing money (or at the least obfuscating the books to exaggerate their losses).  The idea is for leverage in negotiations with players and to help win the public relations battle.  This isn’t to say that no franchises are having financial struggles, but that those struggles are much more limited than is generally believed.  There’s nothing particularly surprising about this, but given how often the media echoes the struggles of ownership it’s worth mentioning.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. Just out of curiosity, are surpised by any particular player on the Bsens? I’ve noticed Claesson had played far better then I expected.

    • Claesson is a surprise–he’s clearly ahead of Wideman and Blood on the depth chart. The biggest positive surprise is a tough question, but I would go with Corey Cowick. He struggled to be a regular his first two pro seasons, but seems to have finally found a home in the AHL.

  2. Good to see Zibanejad and Stone net their first goals. Hopefully everyone will now stop saying that they aren’t as good as we first thought. Ditto for Bishop and his first win.

    • I wouldn’t pay too much attention to fans harping on prospects–especially rookies in their first pro seasons. Both will be fine and it will be easier to judge them at this early stage of their careers once we’re 40 or 50 games in.

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