Senators News: November 18th; Binghamton 3, Rochester 2

-Binghamton defeated Rochester 3-2 last night in a game I was unable to watch.  Robin Lehner stood tall in making 49 saves while Derek Grant had a pair and Shane Prince scored his first professional goal (it looked like Silfverberg‘s on the replay, incidentally).  Here are the highlights.

-Elmira pummelled Trenton 5-1, with Gazley picking up three points, Caporusso, Downing, and New having singles (Cheverie served as the backup, Kramer did not play).  Here’s the recap.

-Every once and awhile Marc Spector writes a problematic column, one filled with unsubstantiated facts and assumptions.  I’ll just pick one element to illustrate the point.  In the midst of his “Bettman is bad and the players are bad” column (they just are, don’t worry about how or why), he writes

players raking in 75 per cent of league revenues

Are you sure Marc?  Only 75%?  It could be higher, right?  I mean, when we’re making up numbers, why stop at seventy-five?  [Apparently this number comes from the Levitt Report which reviews the 02-03 season–what fan hasn’t read an 85-page pdf about ten years ago, right?  Presumably Spector thinks there’s no question it is spot on, because reports don’t have bias….] This kind of thing drives me crazy.  If you are going to use numbers say where they came from and add some context–is the source credible? has it been challenged?  Instead it just serves as a piece of his completely uninformed diatribe.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. Lehner was once again team MVP last night, As for Prince, if the replay did not show it well, his reaction clearly did 🙂

    • The replay I saw wasn’t clear on the goal, but I’m happy to take your word (and the scorers) that it’s correct

  2. I appreciate the support 🙂
    As to the number, your confusion just illustrates the point–Spector should have cited the source and addressed its validity since he used it as a piece of his argument. How real the number is I couldn’t tell you, but it seems very unlikely.

  3. […] Senators News: November 18th; Binghamton 3, Rochester 2 […]

  4. […] that and writing a more balanced opinion piece.  This is the kind of thing that made me blow up at Marc Spector a few weeks ago–it’s just lazy […]

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